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Sand the parts and structural components

Known impact crusher sand making machine. Vertical impact crusher by the spindle assembly, sub-feeder, Eddy crushing chamber, impeller body, into the hopper, base, gear and motor of the seven components.
1. Spindle assembly
Spindle assembly mounted on the base to the motor via V-belt transmission power and the support coming from the impeller rotation. Spindle assembly by the bearing, spindle, bearings and other components.
2. Into the hopper
Into the hopper structure for the inverted bevel body (or cylindrical), set the feed inlet wear ring device from the incoming feed into the crusher by the hopper.
3. Sub-feeder
Sub-feeder mounted on the upper part of the crushing chamber whirl, sub-feeder's role is to divert incoming from the hopper, so that part of the material through the feeding tube directly into the center of the impeller speed is gradually accelerated to high projectile out, so that the other part of the feed materials from the center of the outer tube, the bypass eddy broken into outside of the impeller cavity, was out of the high-speed ejection from the impeller material impact crusher, without increasing power consumption, increase production capacity and improve crushing efficiency.
4. Eddy crushing chamber
Eddy structure of the shape of the crushing chamber, the lower annular space consisting of two cylinders, the impeller speed in the crushing cavity rotating eddy, eddy presence of materials can be broken cavity to form a lining material, the material of the crushing process cavity in eddy broken by the crushing effect of the material lining the parietal eddy separated broken, so that only the material between the broken role, played the role of wear from the lining. Observation hole is observed at the emitter impeller wear resistant blocks and eddy at the top of the crushing chamber liner wear, crushing machine work must be strictly observed holes sealed off. Sub-feeder fixed to the upper part of the crushing chamber whirl cylindrical section. High-speed rotation of the impeller flow, in the eddy chamber through the sub-feeder broken impeller to form the internal self-circulation system.
5. Impeller
Impeller structure produced by special materials, a hollow cylinder, mounted on top of the spindle assembly shaft head and coupling with the tapered sleeve button transmission distance, high-speed rotation, the impeller hx vertical impact crusher is a key component. Material from the center of the impeller on the part of the feeder feeding tube into the center of the impeller. Fabrics from the impeller center cone distribution of the material evenly to the various emission flow impeller, the export channel launch, equipped with special wear-resistant material blocks, can be replaced. Impeller to accelerate the material to 60-75m / s speed projectile out, the impact of the eddy breaking cavity lining materials, the strong from crushing blocks in the cone fitted between the cap and wear, the downstream channel board, protection impeller from wear and tear.
6. Lubrication System
Mobil super car with grease lubrication, lubrication of the upper part of the spindle bearing and lower bearing assembly of two, in order to facilitate oiling, lead to the machine with the outside of the tubing for fuel pump on a regular basis.
7. Base
Eddy crushing chamber, the spindle assembly, motor, transmission devices are installed in the bottom sit, stand structure and shape, the middle four prism space, four-prism center space for installation of the spindle assembly, both sides of the formation of discharge channels. Double vertical ends of the motor installed in the base, the base can be installed in the bracket, but also can be installed directly on the foundation.
8. Transmission
Single motor or dual motor driven belt drive mechanism (75kw or more, for the two-motor drive), two motors driving two motors were installed on both sides of the spindle assembly, the two spindle motor pulley with a belt and pulley attached to the spindle on both sides by the balance of power, does not produce additional torque.
 9. Stent
According to the different breakers in the workplace - outdoor or indoor operation job, consider configuration support or do not configure the bracket.
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