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Improve the quality and effective method for gravel processing

Crusher requires not only broken even, and the broken quality of engage. Especially for roads, railways, gravel, more gravel quality requirements. How to improve the quality of gravel processing it?

Gravel processing to the use of advanced crushing and screening equipment. Crushing and screening equipment, mining can be a rock crushing, screening according to certain specifications of mechanical equipment. Due to historical reasons, I set the domestic crushing and screening manufacturers little late getting started, not many imported foreign equipment, combined with the traditional small-scale production by the ideological influence has been in the use of certain restrictions. Highway pavement construction from a mixture mixing, paving the RCC have adopted the advanced production equipment, mechanized construction, processing of raw materials is still lagging behind only the situation. Stone production is currently only in quantity, quality can not meet the requirements of highway construction, but also can not meet the requirements of mechanized construction, so the gravel crushing and screening production of advanced set of all significant.

Stone crushing and screening process for the equipment, closed circuit three sections, by a jaw crusher and two counter-crusher (or cone crusher) composed of sawdust machine. Stone into the first rough broken jaw crusher, cone crusher and then into the second machine in the break, and will meet the size requirements of the gravel part of the vibrating screen to separate from the larger gravel and then by the first three cone crushers for the final break. Sec broken before the system is open processes, the third paragraph from the cone crusher and vibrating screen composed of closed processes, qualified products and then by the following two screen vibrating screen for screening surface, and press send different size to their own stockpiles.

The crushing and screening process is characterized by:
(1) adding a waste material into the belt conveyor can make coarse powder before crushing and soil from the plane to ensure the cleanliness of the finished material;
(2) the total reduction ratio of the system (the largest crusher feed material size and the ratio of the maximum diameter) large, the use of closed circuit to ensure that the final product particle size uniformity;
(3) As a result of cone crusher (or Impact Crusher) for medium and fine crushing, product size is good, less flakiness content;
(4) by adjusting the crusher discharge opening size, switch to a different specification screen films, can produce different size specifications, with different levels and different number (percentage) of the rubble.
(5) using two vibrating screen, not only improve the screening efficiency, ensure the passing rate of gravel (no mixing), while increasing the types of finished materials, which produce three specifications (grain size) materials and finished products an available stone chips, thereby increasing the utilization of stone;
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