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How to Improve the Production Efficiency of Sand Making Machine

When using the sand making machine, it’s necessary to frequently maintain the machine, so as to prolong the time of using. What’s more, the appropriate maintenance will improve sand making machine’s production, and also will improve its service life.

The wear parts of sand making machine work long hours, which need to be replaced regularly , so make sure to get good after-sale service when purchase sand making machine. Shanghai Shunky recommends you to choose regular large-scale sand making machine manufacturers, because they have a professional sales team, which is more worthy of trust.

For sand making machine wear in the production, we can repair or maintain the machine depending on the degree of wear. Sand making machine works for a long time, and needs care and maintenance just as we human being in order to achieve the best performance so as to bring you the maximized benefits. There are few tips below that Shanghai Shunky shows you the maintenance of sand making machine:

1 ) Before sand machine runs , it is recommended idle 1-5 minutes to confirm whether it has the normal operation. Check out whether the screws are tightened and liner, hammer are correspondent;

2 ) Analysis the raw materials’ ingredients to find whether there are metalliferous minerals. If there is any metal debris, the screening procedures will be needed; otherwise serious damage will be caused to the hammer crusher. In order to ensure the equal weight of the hammer and the liner, the hammer needs to replace as soon as the finding of serious wear.

3 ) check out whether the belt bears stress evenly to make sure the speed of discharging is uniformed.

4 ) Check out whether the voltage required during machine operation is stable, whether it can achieve the requirements of the motor load and normal operation.

5 ) Be in strict accordance with the manufacturer's requirements, and use lubricants regularly. Replace the bearings regularly according to the degree of consumption.

Only with the proper maintenance, can sand making machine be more efficient in artificial sand production. Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co.,ltd. has committed to mining machinery and equipment production for many years , so welcome your consultation.

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