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The secret maintenance method of Shunky Sand Making Machine's impeller

As is well known, materials' distributed launch is completed through the impeller of Sand Making Machine. If there is wrong operation, impeller's wear will be easy to occur. So during the operation of Sand Making Machine we should be cautious and careful to avoid any possible accidents.
As for the details, Shunky thinks Sand Making Machine's users should emphasis on optimizing the working process.
Firstly, before the stop of the machine we should stop feeding in time to avoid that impeller may be killed possibly and that electrical machine breaks down.
Secondly, we should obey the regulations strictly and prevent materials larger than specified ones from falling into the Sand Making Machine. If we do this, we can reduce the impeller's imbalance, badly wear, possible jam of impeller channel and center into the feed tube.
Thirdly, check Sand Making Machine's impeller's direction of rotation at regular time. From the direction of feeding hole, the direction of impeller's rotation is anticlockwise. Otherwise, you should adjust the motor connection.
Fourthly, before you start the machine, you should check and make sure that Sand Making Machine's vortex move cavity observation door is tightly closed and that materials won't fly from it and danger won't happen.
Fifth, the boot sequence of Sand Making Machine and transport equipments is discharging machine, Sand Machine Machine and then feeder. Crusher must be started without any load, and can't be given materials until it goes into normal operation. The stop order is opposite with the start order. 
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