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New-type Sand Making Machine promotes Construction market's healthy development

Sand stone is the important materials of engineering construction and also is the main material of concrete component. However, artificial sand, needed by the market, decreases gradually, and the problems caused by this question emerges continually. At this time, Shunky develops New-type Sand Making Machine, which promotes construction market's healthy development.
It is proved by many experiments that it is feasible that manufactured-sand replaces natural sand.
Firstly, strong performance of manufactured-sand, produced by Sand Making Machine, has reach the index of national high-class product, and there is no problem when it is used in normal concrete. But when it is used in concrete, usually survived by friction impact, it is obligatory to use additive and necessary to control cement-sand ratio, index of sand crushing and rock fines content.
Secondly, through experiments of cement, mortar and concrete, there are no differences between concrete, made by manufactured-sand produced by Sand Making Machine, and natural sand. Generally speaking, water consumption of manufactured-sand depends on execution conditions, structure, transportation and other factors.
Manufactured-sand has wide sources, stable material, good performance, and it is economic. Nowadays, our government is vigorously promoting environmental protection and ecological balance protection, so the environmental protection policy, supporting sand stone industry, will promote the development of Sand Making Machine industry greatly.  
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