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The trouble clearing of the sand making machine

Our sand making machine can meet soft, medium hard and extrahard material, include crushing and reshaping, and sand making machine can be used in many kinds of fields, such as all kinds of minerals, cement, refractory material, bauxite chamotte, carborundum, frit, mechanism building sand, building stones and sundry metallurgical slag.The following we will learn the malfunction of the sand making machine and the trouble clearing. Malfunction 1: The over wing of the airframe of the sand making machine


Causation: 1.The vulnerable part of the impeller is heavily wore down 2. The size of the feeding is too large 3.There are obstruent in the impeller flow channel of the sand making machine


The Exclusion Approach: 1. Change the vulnerable part of the sand making machine 2. Decrease the feeding size 3. Take the obstruent out of the machine


Malfunction 2: The size of the products is too large


Causation: The vee belt is too loose


The Exclusion Approach: Tensioning the vee belt


Malfunction 3: The bearing is too hot


Causation: 1. Fuel starvation or there comes in some bug dust 2. The bearing is broken


The Exclusion Approach: 1. Add fuel or clean the bearing 2. Change the bearing


Malfunction 4: The strike between the mental


Causation: The ecclasis of the scaleboard or the vulnerable part


The Exclusion Approach: Retighten


Malfunction 5: The resistance of the idle operation is too heavy


Causation: There are some wadding in the sealed cap of the bearing


The Exclusion Approach: Open the sealed cap and clean it


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