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Tips on Service Life Extension of Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine, major equipment of sand production line, is self-evidently important to the whole line. Therefore, it is quite crucial to extend the machine service life and improve its performance to raise the productivity and the quality of the sand production line. As a professional manufacturer of new sand making machine, Shunky hereby offers tips below:   

1. Adopt belt transmission device driven by double motors. Sand making machines

usually exceeds 75KW (the machines below 75KW perform with an over-low productivity) and call for two motors. The two motors ought to be installed on the two sides of the main shaft assembly respectively, and their belt pulley connect with the pulley of the main shaft via the belts so that the main shaft stands balanced forces on its both sides without additional torque. As a result, the sand making machine runs stably. In addition, it is necessary to inspect and loosen or tighten the transmission belt regularly to ensure the force balance.  

2. Control the impeller strictly. The impeller is the most important and most fragile

part of sand making machine, and requires strict and normative operation. Specifically, it is supposed to put in materials of proper size uniformly, and inspect the rotating direction of the impeller, that is, the impeller should rotates anticlockwise, otherwise, the motor wiring of the sand making machine must be adjusted. Beside, start and stop the whole production line in right order to prevent impeller failure and motor burning. 

3. Lubricate scientifically. According to statistics and calculation, the following

procedures should be executed for the sand making machine: application of appropriate amount of lubricating oil or cheese every 400 hours the machine works, bearing cleaning after disassembly of the main shaft assembly every 2000 hours the machine works, and bearing renewal every 7200 hours the machine works. Moreover, it is better to install oil tank preheater and oil temperature monitor with the sand making machine for good lubrication and operation of the machine.

In one word, it is really a long time work of carefulness to extend the service life of the sand making machine and improve its performance based on constant efforts in production. Welcome to contact Shunky and get relevant knowledge and skills.

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