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Tips on Selection of Sand Making Machine

As sand making machine become more and more popular, sand making machines are emerging in large amount on the market whose qualities vary, and output sands differ from each other, which has been causing big problem for the selection from them. Shunky hereby offers professional tips on the selection of different sand making machines as follow:  
1. Keep a close eye to the cavity and the structure
    The advanced sand making machine contains an adjustable crushing cavity with reasonable space inside, and mainly adopts a waterfall and center passed feeding mode, producing sands of outstanding shape and size with little abrasion of the spare parts in a stone on stone crushing style.
2. Pay attention to the oil supply and lubrication system
    The latest sand making machine is driven by duplex supplementary oil pumps symmetrical on its both sides which avoid machine halt caused by unstable, reduced, or extincted oil pressure or oil current and helpful for the balance of the machine in operation. Besides, the sand making machine is lubricated with thin oil instead of lubricating grease without the defects of poor flow-ability and difficulty in reaching to the deep corners of the mechanical interface. 
3. Focus on the material and structure of the rack
   Generally, sand making machine crushes stones smaller than 50mm, so it does not stand very large impacting force. Nevertheless, a rack made from excellent material of high intensity and high rigidity is necessary so as to stand the reacting force from the material and to support the machine. In addition, sand making machine of compact structure is convenient for transportation and installation.
    Moreover, the production condition and the material properties are also supposed to be considered for the selection of sand making machine that fits the production to the limit. Any question you have, fell free to connect Shunky.  
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