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The Solutions of Material Plugging of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher in daily work, often appear plugging material phenomenon, this not only but makes jaw crusher can not work normally, the more affected its production efficiency, in this headache problem, to how to solve?
The main reason of material plugging of Jaw Crusher is that too much materials in the inferior vena body can’t come out, and resist moving cone, cause motor overload and shang-up. There are two main reasons that cause the hang-up: The first kind is Jaw Crusher high output, and plate conveyor away too late. The second is the downstream equipment hang-up, and the jaw crusher continue to work. If this kind of situation happens, should dig out all the materials in the cavity, and continue to work, it usually needs one hour to repair it.
In order to prevent plugging material of Jaw Crusher, we use through the sound and light indicator way direct instructions for under the hammer down due to heavy conveyor current and the operation of the inferior vena body how much material has good correlation, and each time the body cause crusher jump more than previously failed, so according to the current board type conveyor characteristics. Made settle way, namely in the jaw crusher pour material mouth install a bell and alarm flashing light, and electrical relays in directly connected, when the board type conveyor to a set of current value, relay suck close, alarm lamp flickered on the bell to ring, and if the downstream equipment jump stop, plate conveyor current zero, sound and light alarm will be, too.
Shanghai Shunky Machinery Co.,Ltd is skilled in handle the plugging problems of Jaw Crusher, not only can reduce the labor burden, but also improve the production efficiency, and this in the specialized to make jaw crusher can normally effective work, which can reduce the maintenance time, increasing economic benefits. More informations please enter our website www.sandmaker.biz or call us at 86-21-666030377
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