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Sand Making Machine In One Machine, Sand Making、 Plastic Combo

In addition to making sand, sand making machine has a function of plastic, how sand making machine to do plastic machine? Some building facilities relatively high demand for sand and gravel aggregate, the average crushing machine needle than for a higher sheet, can not meet customer requirements.

Why can sand making machine meet customer requirements? Mainly, because its crushing principle is unique. Cone crusher used in extrusion and other broken, the result of its high content of elongated products. Sand making machine works stone or stone to a stone blacksmith. In the production process, stone can be formed to protective layer, and sand making machine can make itself no wear and durable.

Sand making machine works in different ways, they are two types of comparison one is by feeding can be divided into full-center and the center feed ,the other is feed off the waterfall with the ring , the latter is more advanced, the center feed with ring down into the waterfall sand making machine material, the material entering into the hopper, in the fall through the circular hole, was divided into two shares of plate material, a surge by the sub-tray thrown into the high-speed rotation of the wheel, the other shares fall from the sub-tray four weeks, Shanghai Shunky’s VSI sand making machine making machine is to take the center of the ring falls off the feed with the feed.

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