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The failure analysis of Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine - a commonly used sand making equipment, can crush the variety of rocks, gravel, river pebbles to all kinds of building sand, the size of the sand produced by Sand Making Machine is uniform, high compressive strength, the sand is more suitable to meet construction requirements, which can improve the quality of construction. Sand Making Machine is generally durable, but in the daily operation some problems are difficult to avoid. Here are some common problems:
First, the body of Sand Making Machine swings too large.
Reasons for this phenomenon: 1.The consumption of the wear on the impeller is serious 2. The feeding size is too big 3. The impeller of Sand Making Machine has obstructions. The solution: 1.Replace the wearing parts; 2. Reduce feeding size; 3 Remove the obstruction.
Second, the size of the products is too large.
Reasons for this phenomenon: V-belt is too loose. The solution: tighten the belt.
Third, the resistance to run the Sand Making Machine without material is too large.
Reasons for this phenomenon: there is material on the sealed cover plug of the bearing. The solution: remove the material.
Fourth, the bearing of the Sand Making Machine is heat.
Reasons for this phenomenon: 1. Lack of oil or dust is in. 2 bearing is damaged. Solution: 1. Refueling or cleaning the bearing 2. Replace the bearings.
Fifth, metal collide in the running of Sand Making Machine.
Reasons for this phenomenon: the wearing parts of lining or impeller fall off. The solution: re-tighten that.

These issues are common problems in the maintenance of Sand Making Machine which we must pay attention to reduce the cost. Shanghai Shunky provides professional and technical guidance. Welcome to consult!

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